ContourGPS, the first hands-free video camera to capture video and location, has a built-in Bluetooth chip that works with the new Contour app to enable your phone to become a live viewfinder.
Now you can configure your camera settings in real-time and preview what your camera sees, all from the most remote locations.


The Contour Mobile App gives you the preview screen you've always wanted for your ContourGPS camera: a screen that fits in the palm of your hand. Now you can preview what your camera sees before you begin recording.
Line up your shot, check the battery life, and see if GPS is locked all from your mobile phone! The days of crooked, misaligned videos are a thing of the past.


With the new Contour app you can change your settings wirelessly in real-time!
No more guessing recording conditions—now you can select your video mode, adjust your microphone volume, change your lighting conditions, or configure your GPS, whether you're on the side of a mountain, on top of a dune, or deep in the woods.


Getting a GPS lock is even easier now!
Every time you connect your ContourGPS with the Contour mobile app, it automatically updates with the latest satellite information using GPS AssistNow, which results in a faster, more accurate GPS lock.
A little extra TLC to make sure your ContourGPS experience is sweet!