Contour Storyteller brings video and location together into a single experience. When you play your GPS videos you'll be able to watch your path as you bomb down the hill while interacting between the map and the video player to fast forward to your favorite parts.

Use the "places" feature to track all the places in the world you've been or to quickly find videos from your favorite location. Now you truly can map the world through video.


We've simplified editing to an awesome button. Watch your video, press the awesome button at your favorite part, adjust the awesome section, and save your results.

The experience is fast and light so you can save your favorite awesome parts to watch later or post them online for your friends to enjoy.


Who wants to create amazing stories if you don't plan to share them with your friends? Contour Storyteller enables you to post a single story or multiple stories online with a single button. Add a title, location, and narrative to make your story rich. Then kick your feet up and watch the progress bar as we upload the video and get it ready to show on

After posting to you can share it to Facebook, Twitter, embed it on your website, or email your mom a link to the video. Now you can show people what and where you did it.


Contour cameras are the only hands-free cameras in the world you can configure.

Audio: With a slide switch you can adjust the sensitivity of the camera's microphone to adapt to high or low wind scenes.

Lighting: We give you the controls to dial in the metering, sharpness, and exposure to handle any conditions you face.

Video: Contour cameras carry multiple HD resolutions and even a photo mode in the ContourGPS model.